The best grain out there!

 We select the best available premium grains worldwide. The source location of our grains will change, depending on the soil, the growing methods, and the climate, in an effort to find grains with the highest nutritional values in the world! This allows us to bring you maximum quality flour, with fantastic culinary characteristics.

Be sure — It’s Mehudar!

 Your health is important to us. We make sure to cleanse the grain from any source of external dirt before grinding it.  Sand is allergenic and damaging to your health, it also prevents the dough from rising. Mehudar gives you flour that is 100% grain, without any stones, or cumulative dirt, because the quality of your flour is important to us.

So dry, so healthy

With Mehudar’s unique milling method, the grinding is done without any moisture whatsoever (not even tempering), in order to preserve the grain’s nutritional value. Moreover, the kernel’s core cracks open on the side of the machine and isn’t steam-rolled. This is as close as you can get to the original grindstone milling method. Because it’s your health.

Flour does it!

We put our flours through three rounds of sifting. This makes the flour cleaner and airier, allowing the dough to rise faster and making it easier to work with.

There are no shortcuts at Mehudar, and we don’t skimp on anything that will help provide you with a quality product. We do our maximum to ensure that the flour you get is superior, both from a culinary and healthy lifestyle point of view.

Mehudar flour – great quality, great for your health.

The best protection…

 Mehudar flour is packed with a unique triple-ply packaging (2 layers of plastic, and an inner layer of aluminium). This brings you a hermetically sealed package that preserves the flour’s freshness over time and prevents buggy infestation.

At Mehudar we refuse to compromise on the slightest detail, in our quest to bring you a perfect, healthy product.

Flour that’s Full of Goodness

Mehudar flours are higher in protein than any other flours on the market, making it rich in nutrients. The protein enhances the elasticity and fluffiness of the dough, allowing it to rise remarkably well. So, when you choose to use Mehudar flour, you know you’ve made the right choice.