Most of Israel’s whole-grain flours are milled in large flour mills, from where they are distributed and sold under various brand names. Mehudar, by contrast, operates its own flour mill, which gives the company’s products several advantages.

Mehudar has developed a one-of-a-kind manufacturing process, which starts from the grain-selection stage and continues right through to the final packaging. Its production process is fully independent of external contractors, allowing the company to closely supervise the flour through every step of the process.

Here’s a peek at Mehudar’s unique manufacturing process at different levels of production:

  1. Grains from all over the world are independently selected — only the finest are accepted.
  2. The kernels are cleansed before milling, to ensure that zero foreign substances make their way into the flour.
  3. There is total control over the manufacturing process, with no human intervention at any point in the flour’s production.
  4. the kernels are ground in such a way that maximises their ability to react to the water in the dough.

Mehudar takes great care at every step of the milling process to ensure you get the highest possible quality flour.

Grain type: To reap the flour’s maximal health and culinary benefits, one needs to select premium grains with a high nutritional value. Since the countries of origin for the best quality grains change frequently, along with the seasons, constant and consistent investigation is required to locate the best sources for the import of these grains. Another factor that needs to be considered is whether the country’s growers plant their grain year in, year out — a practice that weakens the soil and reduces the health benefits of the resultant grain, or whether they give the land a rest from planting once every two years, to allow the soil to replenish its mineral content. This is why one bag of flour can be rich in vitamins and minerals, while another brand of flour will be missing an important part of them. And this is precisely why we source our grains from places that will reliably supply us with nutritionally rich produce, because we want our customers to benefit from all the goodness of quality flour.

Grain cleanliness: At Mehudar we are super careful about keeping the grains clean, even before we grind them despite the fact that this step slows down the production process significantly. We employ meticulously careful storage methods, but even before the milling stage we cleanse the grains to remove dust, sand (which is often allergenic) and any other form of dirt that may have attached itself to them on their way to our factory.

Controlling the manufacturing process: From the cleansing stage, through to the grinding of the flour and its packaging, everything happens on a closed circuit, eliminating the need for human intervention, and preventing exposure to chemicals or airborne bugs. As a result, our flour meets the highest standards of cleanliness.

The milling process: We grind our grains using a unique dry milling method, which applies equally to white wheat or spelt flour. Instead of grinding the grains after they have been pre-moistened, or tempered, which would give us a much faster milling process, we grind our grains when they are completely dry – and that is how they remain. We use a slow-grinding method of up to half a ton per hour, as opposed to 3 tons or more, per hour when grinding grains that have been tempered, and 8 tons (!!) per hour for grains that have been pre-soaked. But the end result is flour that has preserved at least 96% (!!) of the grain’s original vitamin and mineral content, giving you almost all the goodness of natural-grain flour.

Cutting Type: With Mehudar’s milling method, everything is calculated to bring you flour that is as similar as possible to natural stone-ground flour. Our method preserves the grain’s nutritional goodness, and prevents it from being lost in the milling process. For example, we calibrate the machinery to ensure perfect grinding. The result? You get perfectly risen dough.

And our piece-de-resistance: Mehudar’s finest food engineers and specialists have recently been working on a unique innovation – a novel type of packaging created with three layers of protection, including one layer of aluminum. The added aluminum layer makes the packaging totally airtight, preventing infestation (even over time) and bringing our products to a whole new level of Kashrut reliability. The flour’s added freshness and airiness also gives it an edge from a health and culinary point of view. Thus, the three essential goals that Mehudar has set itself from its inception, are perfectly met.

Here, at Mehudar, we do our best throughout the manufacturing process to provide our customers with the highest quality product in every way. This, despite the added costs involved, costs racked up at every step of the process, whether it’s at the very beginning, at the sourcing and purchasing stage, or at a later stage of production and packaging. Nevertheless, our higher standards are maintained, to bring  you a premium mehudar product.

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