All the goodness of flour

We all know to parrot the rule that “wholegrain flour is healthy”. But do we truly know what wholegrain flour contains?   Flour is a basic commodity and one of the staples of our diet. It’s time to become more knowledgeable about our daily food intake, as it is meant to provide our biological systems […]

It’s healthy. Naturally.

Have you ever wondered about the connection between Ritalin, Diabetes-2, and obesity? The answer lies in the flour…  Every so often, we find that even after finishing a meal we begin rummaging through our pantries for something to keep us satisfied… and we’ll often find ourselves munching on empty carbs and junk food. Have you […]

Mehudar – the Method that Stays Loyal to Nature!

Most of Israel’s whole-grain flours are milled in large flour mills, from where they are distributed and sold under various brand names. Mehudar, by contrast, operates its own flour mill, which gives the company’s products several advantages. Mehudar has developed a one-of-a-kind manufacturing process, which starts from the grain-selection stage and continues right through to […]

The Magic of Spelt

Over the past decade, we have seen progress worldwide as a silent transformation has taken place in the global flour market. Worldwide awareness of the health benefits of wholegrain flours has skyrocketed by dozens of percentage points, leading to a steep rise in production, as well as higher consumption of whole-grain flours by the general […]