Mehudar, it’s all the difference!

Who are we?

Mehudar has been a player in the flour industry for over twenty years and has gained a name as a leading brand for all types of quality whole-grain flours. Leading the company is scientist Rabbi Chaim Ghidalia, a lecturer of physics and economics.

Rabbi Ghidalia has stood at the helm of the company’s development in recent years. Working together with engineers, technicians and other expert professionals, the finest resources have been invested in developing Mehudar’s flours — advanced technologies, diverse techniques, recent innovations, and unique improvements have all come together to springboard our flours into a league of their own, bringing you new standards of quality and health benefits that are miles ahead of current industry standards.

Delicious, Naturally!

In recent years, Mehudar’s line of flours have become a beloved brand, and a basic commodity in tens of thousands of Israeli homes.

Many housewives, celebrity chefs, bakeries and regular people who have been searching for a healthy product for their daily baking, have found that our flours provide the perfect solution for healthy, tasty, lightweight baking, and can be used without compromising the requirements of a healthy, balanced menu.

Mehudar’s production methods — the only ones of its kind in Israel — make Mehudar flours particularly flavorsome and healthy. The flour’s versatile and airy qualities lead to a dough that rises easily and can successfully create any texture. Baked products come out extraordinarily soft and tasty, rich in flavor and far more satisfying than products baked with standard flours.

As part of our efforts to meet our clients’ needs, we work with the finest minds in the global industry, as well as with leading Kashrut experts, such as Rav Moshe Vaye, Shlita, author of “Bedikas Hamazon: Laws and Practical Methods for Checking Food” and the Rabbis of the Eidah Chareidis, Jerusalem, to ensure that our products cater to all demographics and the highest level of Kashrut supervision. Top Kashrut experts lend their certification to our facilities, and commend the standards of hygiene, automated grinding, and packaging, which all prevent infestation of the flour by worms and bugs, over time. This is just one more factor that makes Mehudar flours stand out among other healthy flours.

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